Our kennel staff is devoted to your pet’s utmost comfort while staying at our facility. With the capacity for over 120 animals, we take pride in our ability to accommodate for every detail while your pet stays with us. Here at Crestview Animal Hospital, we want your pet to have a stress-free stay, so we offer the following amenities:

  • Climate controlled cages, kennels, and runs
  • A walk/play session in our open runs
    (covered to protect your pet from undesirable weather conditions)
  • Medications are given while boarding, including insulin injections for diabetic patients.
  • Any medical issues will be immediately attended to by one of our veterinarians.
  • A veterinarian along with assistants and kennel workers will be in the building 7 days a week.
  • Monitored kennel conditions to ensure that your pet’s kennel is always clean.
  • Any blankets or toys that your pet may enjoy while you are away.

Our extra-large runs are climate controlled and equipped with plenty of padding for your pet’s comfort. Additionally, these runs give your pet plenty of space to stretch and move around.

Our smaller cages are perfect for cats and smaller breeds of dogs. We make every effort possible to ensure that cats are boarded in the same area, away from any noise. Rest assured that being in a quieter place doesn’t mean they get any less love and attention from our kennel staff.

Animal Care

We offer kennel tours by appointment only.



All dogs, large or small, need to be bathed and groomed regularly. Dogs that are not groomed can get matted fur and skin conditions, both of which can be painful. Our groomer “Abbey Myers” will take great care with every animal and will do everything she can to get your pet looking and feeling great. We are happy to offer the following services:

  • Shampoo and blow-dry fur
  • Clip and trim fur
  • Hand brush fur
  • Trim nails (and Dremel, when requested)
  • Clean ears thoroughly
  • Check and empty anal glands
  • For a small (per treatment) fee, we will administer necessary prescribed medicine to your pet by a doctor or trained technician

Our grooming appointments book up quickly, so call our office leave a message for “Abbey Myers” & she will call you back.

Animal Care

In need of only a bath and brushing? Give our office a call and our friendly kennel staff will take care of your pet!


Note: Please call our office to check grooming availability for cats.